What is a FSSAI License Number?

Every food business operator has to apply for FSSAI license in India, after FSSAI registration the Food business is provided with a 14 digit license number which has to be showcased in the premise

The 14-digits of the FSSAI license number have been essentially divided into 5 sections and each section helps us to understand the details. Below mentioned are the five different sections of the FSSAI license number and its details:

Guidelines Related to FSSAI License Number

  • The 14-digit license number of the FBO must be printed on the food products.
  • The text style shading and color of the FSSAI logo should be contrasted enough to the background color of the food product packaging, so the logo and license number are visible.
  • The name and address with the FSSAI number should be delivered before the authorities importing the product.
  • The proportion of the letters, digits, and alphabets should be measured as per the Food Safety and Standard Regulations.
  • Showing the FSSAI logo also the license number on the food products explains that the Food business operator has an authentic license by the Food Safety and Standard Act.
  • You just have to print the FSSAI logo and license number on the product.

FSSAI License Apply Form